Writing a novel is a massive undertaking.

But look who I'm talking to.

You're being here suggests you're all too aware of what's involved in getting your manuscript from draft one to complete.

Or perhaps you're somewhere in the middle. Or right at page one.

Wherever you are, chances are you've felt lost in the words at least once getting there.

That's where Novel Fixation comes in, by being the signposts along the road, pointing the way to your publishing destination and creative salvation.

Take a look through the Novel Fixation Resource Hub for tips and guidance on all things writing and publishing, or visit the Services page for more information on manuscript assessments, or development, editing, and proofreading services.

If you can't find what you're looking for, or you're struggling with something specific, get in touch.

My name is Rory J Cole, and I'm a professional editor and member of IPEd and Editors Victoria. I work with publishers, writers, and authors to help polish both prose and plot to create better stories, whatever form they may take.

I know the pitfalls and struggle involved in writing a novel by yourself, so get in touch and let's get your novel finished, ready to publish.