Manuscript Development

If you have a completed novel, Novel Fixation’s manuscript development service can help you highlight and fix potential problems and oversights.

These include character actions and motivations, plot holes and inconsistencies, and awkward sections of prose and dialogue.

Included in a development service:

  • a comprehensive line edit
  • markup of the manuscript, including comments and annotations highlighting why changes have been made and of problems in the MS
  • an extensive report of the manuscript as a whole (what works, what needs work, the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses)
  • ongoing personalised support to help get you to The End and published.

Manuscript Assessment

Wedged cosily between a manuscript development and line edit, a manuscript assessment will give you an overview of your manuscript and flag any issues.

Inconsistencies in plot, POV, character, dialogue, structure, etc., are noted in an official report with suggestions of changes for you to action.

Copy/Line Editing

Nestled between a Proofread and a Substantive Edit, a Line Edit involves a thorough review of the language and content of the project, checking not only for consistency of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., but clarity of meaning, and appropriate style and structure.

Have you made the most of every scene? Is the prose effective to convey the atmosphere?

If you’re writing a romance, the language should sound like poetry. If you’re writing a sci-fi, the atmosphere should feel charged with pace and energy.

A line edit will inspect your manuscript, sentence-by-sentence, paragraph-by-paragraph, for maximum effect.

Minor editorial changes may be suggested to avoid major rewrites but still achieve the highest standard of writing, ensuring accuracy, clarity and consistency in the work.


A proofreader is your final stop before you hit publish and your work goes out to the masses.

The role of a proofreader is to read your work and look for typos, spelling and punctuation errors and inconsistencies in style and format. A proofreader ensures any style guide rules have been followed throughout.

There isn’t an established business or publication in the world that has never had a typo go to print. It’s ridiculously common, and growing more so with the speed of digital print and the 24-hour media cycle.

Whatever you’re sending out to your audience (short stories/screenplays/novellas/novels, or even just notes to annoying neighbours), make sure you’re making the right impression by having it proofread before you hit send.

Chapter Assessment & Development

Sample chapter edit / Unfinished Manuscript Assessment

The benefit of a chapter edit is it can dramatically lower the costs involved in hiring an editor to work on your whole piece.

Through the sample chapter(s), I can highlight any structural problems repeated throughout. This allows you to assess the recommendations and make the corrections to your overall piece, tightening your manuscript before a larger edit and thus saving you money in the long run.

Blurb Writing & Editing

Your novel’s blurb (just like its cover) is one of the first things a reader is going to see, and they’ll decide whether they want to read your work based on that initial introduction. It has to entice the reader enough to crack the book open and read. This shouldn’t be an afterthought or something you quickly scribble down. If you invest time in getting it right, you’ll attract far more readers.

Once I’ve worked on your novel or short story (or at the very least read it to gain a thorough understanding of its plot, themes and characters), I can help you craft a blurb that a reader can’t resist, and leaves them desperate for more.