Sometimes a writer can be so invested in a project and know it so deeply they lose objectivity.

Redraft after redraft, it’s easy for an author to start skimming over scenes they feel are fine, when really they’re skimming because they’re sick of looking at the thing.

You may have written an entire page or prose, when the entire point of that scene could be delivered more powerfully with one line or image.

RJC Editing acts as an impartial first reader, ensuring your message and story is tight and on point.

I offer a range of editing services tailored to your needs.

If you’re confident your project is complete but want assurance it’s as polished as it can be (atmosphere, clarity, powerful prose), then check out the Line Editing info below.

If you’re dealing with a novel or creative piece and you’re not quite sure if it all makes sense, then scroll down or click to read the Substantive Editing section.

For more ongoing and personalised assistance in completing your manuscript, be sure to check out the Manuscript Development service.

Line Editing

Nestled between a Proofread and a Substantive Edit, a Line Edit involves a thorough review of the language and content of the project at a sentence level, checking not only for consistency of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., but clarity of meaning, and appropriate style and structure.

Have you made the most of every scene? Is the prose effective to convey the atmosphere?

If you’re writing a romance, the language should sound like poetry. If you’re writing a sci-fi, the atmosphere should feel charged with pace and energy.

A line edit will inspect your manuscript, sentence-by-sentence, for maximum effect.

Minor editorial changes may be suggested to avoid major rewrites but still achieve the highest standard of writing, ensuring accuracy, clarity and consistency in the work.

Substantive Editing

Sometimes your story doesn’t actually start until chapter 3. Sometimes you’re assignment isn’t as persuasive as it could be. Sometimes the language you’re about to send out to your audience isn’t one they’ll find engaging.

Novel Fixation acts as an impartial first reader, ensuring your message and story is on point, checking (where applicable) for:

  • Clarity and brevity
  • Consistent and accurate style, structure and language
  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Plot and character development (in fiction)
  • Realism and believability in dialogue and plot progression (in fiction)
  • Simplification of language (particularly bureaucratic and technical jargon) to speak to your target audience
  • Accuracy and consistency throughout major projects (novels, novellas and serials).

Visit the Novel Fixation Editing Estimate page for more information on services and costs.