Novel Development

Differentiating itself from most editorial and manuscript services, Novel Fixation’s Manuscript Development services are available from beginning to end to help take your work to new heights.

Concept Development

“I’m thinking about writing this story about a man’s love of a horse. He’s a lonely prospector, and he and this horse spend months alone, but he’s beginning to worry the horse doesn’t respect him.”

That’s a terrible idea for a story, but we know the art of storytelling is just that: all in the telling.

It’s all about how you write it.

If you’ve got a story that’s been bouncing around and you’re just not sure where to begin, get in contact and let’s get it started.

Partial Manuscript

Writing is a lonely business.

You can spend days, weeks and months working on a piece, exhausting the number of times and people you can talk the aspects through with.

You know you’re heading somewhere, but have gotten stumped along the way.

You’re missing something, you just don’t know what, and need the subjective eye of someone to read over a chapter (or more) and help you over this hurdle.

Novel Fixation can help.

You provide me with all the relevant details, and I’ll shed some light on the situation, reviewing all elements of your manuscript, drawing out its strengths so you can write it to its full potential.

“Remember that comment your character made at the beginning of chapter three? Seemed like a fleeting thing at the time. What if it wasn’t? What if it’s actually the crux of an approaching plot twist?”

That kind of thing. Get in touch to talk about your work in progress today.

Complete Manuscript

Other MS assessment agencies will offer you a report of the pros and cons of your manuscript, and elements to work on to strengthen the piece.

From there, you’re left to your own devices.

You take the report, make the amendments, and once you’ve finished you’re back at square one.

Have the changes you’ve made improved the piece? Have you missed anything? Are the characters still consistent? Does the plot still make sense?

After you’ve pondered all of those questions, you realise what you basically have is a new manuscript (or one drastically altered) and you need to have it assessed again.

Which means another large mass of hundred dollar bills.

This is where Novel Fixation’s Manuscript Development service differs from the rest.

After the initial read and assessment report, authors are encouraged to return with any queries or rewrites, not just of the complete manuscript, but of any sections reworked.

Think of it as an ongoing collaboration; we workshop the manuscript until you feel it’s finished or you’ve got it.

After your initial edit, you aren’t back at square one.

With an already established understanding of your novel, I’m available to review and talk you through the redrafts without you having to pay for a full edit again.

Hourly consultations and chapter or scene revisions are available.

Whether it’s an initial idea that needs fleshing out, a troublesome character or plot, or completed manuscript you need another eye for, I can help.

Click here for a range of services and your editing estimate.