Need a proofreader?

It’s strongly advised you get your book proofread before hitting publish to make sure everything’s where it’s meant to be.

One of the most common remarks on negative book reviews is that readers stopped reading because of spelling mistakes and typos.

The role of a proofreader is to read your work and look for those typos, spelling and punctuation errors, and inconsistencies in style and format. A proofreader ensures any style guide rules have been followed throughout.

More often than not, an author or writer has worked on a piece through several drafts, often for several months if not years. After that long, they can no longer read the piece objectively. There are often errors, ranging from minor to glaringly obvious, which the author has missed.

An impartial and fresh reader to the piece, particularly one trained to search for the minor and glaringly obvious, is vital to ensure the work is error-free and flawlessly presented.

There isn’t an established business or publication in the world that has never had a typo go to print. It’s ridiculously common, and growing more so with the speed of digital print and the 24-hour media cycle.

A proofreader is your final stop before your work goes to print and is sent out to the masses.

This service is your last port of call to ensure your work is flawless and professional.

Novel Fixation offers this service for all works despite their length.

Contact Rory at Novel Fixation to discuss your project, or head to the Editorial Estimate page for an idea of costs.